Marketing Campaign that gives you results…….

Galaxy Ads Media, started in 2020, Delhi capital of India, has grown it’s branches throughout India. We are a fast emerging Agency focusing on Performance & Programmatic field.
With the new trends we customized ourselves as well. Video, Desktop, Websites, Connected TV, you name it & we are ready with it. 

 Our endeavor, resulted in building a Partnerships with vast variety companies such as games developers, utilities, shopping apps, financial apps and much more. Not just apps, but we are extending to other platforms as well. Models CPI, CPA, CPM, CPB and CPL models as well.  

Exclusive offers

Galaxy Ads Media is home to offers that you won’t find anywhere else! We cover all of the popular genres and build our sites in-house from the ground up, so we can customize everything to your specifications.


We offer affiliates weekly payments and the highest payouts in the industry. Our payouts are always on time and we have never missed a payment. We are the most reputable company in the business and you will always be paid.


We empowers affiliates to perform the most in-depth traffic analysis possible. Our bleeding edge reporting eliminates the need to pay for third party tracking systems and saves you time by illustrating real-time reporting right alongside the top offers.


We are a pioneer in the advertising space. For 20 years, we have strived to create innovative products to diversify your income and make your traffic convert. We have been recognized by our peers for our excellence and we know that we can help you make the most money from your traffic.